Start Small, Dream Big

Apple is a great of example of starting small, dreaming big, and scaling fast without losing control. It took many Fortune 100 companies 20, 30, 40 or more years to get where they are. Most did it with a solid patent portfolio based on serious research.

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There are so many questions when you are starting out in business. There are a lot more questions than answers and some subjects like intellectual property are especially difficult. Most colleges do not have a course on the subject and unless you have worked in a large corporation the subject, the “legalese” and the strategies may not make sense. 

Our research can give you answers that will help you develop a strategy for getting the most out of your efforts to protect your business and build your brand.

Play on Words

Have you ever put your resume into a word cloud program like Wordle? I did, and the attached image is the result. I like this cloud since it sizes the words by frequency within the text. In my example I found that the key ideas were located in such a way as to associate ideas.

My cloud represents my key areas of expertise starting with patents as the key word. Patent searching, research and analysis are what I do best and patents are a great source of technical and competitive information. Good patent research along with market research are the basis for research-based decision making in business.

Other forms of intellectual property are also integral to innovation and new product protection. I work with inventors, entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop their intellectual assets; seizing opportunities and avoiding obstacles.

Intellectual property is above all business related. It comes into play for new, local or international business, offering competitive market advantage. Those who manage and leverage their intellectual assets gain the greatest benefit from their innovation efforts.

Try putting your LinkedIn profile or resume text into a word cloud program and see what key ideas emerge.