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Whoever says that IT patents are not important does not know the world of patents. IBM had more than 7,000 granted patents in 2018 in all areas of IT and IOT technologies. The purpose of patents is to teach and speed up innovation. To be successful, you need to do the research and know the landscape if you are going to identify how your new product is new and different.

Recently, the Intellectual Property Owners Association published a podcast with IBM Master Inventor, Lisa Seacat DeLuca, who has more than 400 patents across the tech world. In this podcast you will learn how large corporations innovate with research, learning from existing patents and identifying differences in their new ideas.  A lot is required to go from an idea to a successful product and her experience will provide key points to consider, such as brainstorming, patent review committees to evaluate an idea, patent application processes, marketing a new product and developing products that meet real needs.

This 28 minute podcast includes information every tech entrepreneur should know.

Episode 1 ( of #StrokeofGenius featuring IBM Master Inventor Lisa Seacat DeLuca is NOW…

Publiée par Stroke of Genius sur Lundi 10 juin 2019

 Lisa, also has an 8 minute TED Talk about her experience as an inventor and the direction of technology today.

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