EPO – Inventors’ Handbook

Where can you find information on the key stages of turning an invention into a commercial product. This is a nice resource for entrepreneurs from the perspective of the European patent system. Each phase in this process requires answers to important questions. Please contact FRESCO Services for assistance in understanding the issues and answering the questions. See the EPO site. https://www.epo.org/learning-events/materials/inventors-handbook.html

The Strength of International Patent Systems

Patents by Country

Which countries are favorable to patent protection? The Index of Patent Systems Strength is an annual composite index that rates the effectiveness and efficiency of the patent systems of 49 countries. The updated index is developed by Dr Nikolaos Papageorgiadis and Dr Konstantinos Alexiou based on the methodology by Papageorgiadis, Cross and Alexiou (2014) published at the Journal of World Business. See more at: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/management/research/projects/patent-systems/